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A positive overnight camping experience could mean the difference between succeeding and struggling in life. Why? Because summer camp is the most effective place to build and develop social skills, confidence, and friendships- all of which are vital to a child's development.

With a very high staff to camper ratio (32 to 36), we offer a very nurturing, supportive and non-competitive environment. This allows us to emphasize our campers’ strengths, rather than their challenges, and offers the kids with as many opportunities to shine as possible.

Fun and activities are of greatest importance for your child at Camp Kirk.

We discover and nurture your child's talents and abilities and we do it at his/her own pace. Through our adventure-based programming and through a daily routine of activities we provide a supportive space for kids to takes safe risks, which ultimately boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Our campers thrive on consistency and an established routine.

A mixture of hands-on and physical activities will strongly benefit children with learning disabilities and other types of exceptionalities - particularly those with AD(H)D. Exercise helps in the production of natural brain chemicals, leaving children more focused, and activities that promote strong self-control help children develop mental readiness.